About Us
We provide the most unique customized service in the business of industrial supply. We are U.S. Products, Inc., an industrial distributor based in Milford, Connecticut. Our services are unique because they are personalized to fit you-our customer - and your specific needs, whatever they may be. No other company can promise such a special relationship - emergency deliveries, buying programs, deviated pricing, and bar coding. We are big enough to provide you competitive pricing and service, yet small enough to give you the special attention you deserve. U.S. Products is dedicated to providing an array of industrial products, whenever you need them, at the lowest possible procurement price.

Our goal is to exceed your needs.

What today's industrial customer wants more than anything is to reduce costs - especially in the area of inventory purchasing. U.S. Products can help. We carry an extensive product line - safety, clean room, packaging, corrugated, maintenance supplies, and promotional items. Our ordering system eliminates hundreds of purchase orders and reduces your vendor base.

U.S. Products respects the relationship we develop with each customer. Proof of that is our personalized program. We know that every customer is different and requires a special system to fit their needs. Our customization is comprised of four simple steps:
U.S. Products works with you to find the items that are related to your business which we can supply. Once we find those items, we negotiate prices based on inventory and delivery requirements.
Next, we provide you with a customized release form that best fits your requirements. Whether specifying products by your part numbers or ours, by department, alphabetically, etc., we make sure the release form is easiest and most convenient to you. Simply fill in the quantities and fax us your order. We will fax back a confirmation and supply you with delivery dates.
A trained Customer Service representative will focus directly on your account, contacting you weekly.You can place an order, check the status of an open order, or inquire about products. Or, you can simply fax us your weekly release form.
Your orders are filled on a weekly basis - we will deliver all your products to you on the day of the week that will best fit your inventory needs. If you need something unexpectedly, we are also available to deliver in emergency situations. UPS is also available to you should you need to place a small order or add onto an existing order.

The end result in using U.S. Products is satisfaction. Our customized program significantly reduces inventory. Eliminates a broad vender base. Reduces paperwork. Increases efficiency. And, saves the two most important things: your time and your money.

Customer Service: Contact Donna, John Paul, Vinny or JoMarie at (203) 783-1468